Air Circuit Breakers


  • Future ready breaker which incorporates latest digital and communication technologies
  • Available from 800A-6300A, breaking capacity from 42kA-150kA
  • 3 Frame sizes:630- 1600A; 800-4000A; 4000-6300A
  • Draw out and Fixed options available
  • Built in Class 1 accuracy power and energy measurement
  • Compliance with major international standards
  • Seamless Installation and Retrofit


  • Aircircuit Breakers from 800A- 4000A
  • Single Frame size, Fixed and Draw Out options are available
  • Microprocessor based ET trip system
  • Icu = Ics = Icw (1sec) = 50 kA offers complete¬†discrimination with the downstream breakers.
  • Pollution degree 4, allows breaker to operate in harsh environments
  • Easy Terminal Orientation; Simply turn a horizontal rear connector 90degree to make it a vertical connector
  • Suitable for Copper and Aluminium Busbars
  • All Four Pole Breakers have fully rated neutral and can be protected against Overload and Shortcircuit


  • 2 Frame Sizes: one from 800A-4000A and the other from 4000A-6300A
  • Fixed and Draw out options available
  • 4 Micrologic control units enriched by measurement, energy management and network analysis functions
  • Ics=Icu=100%; Icw=.5s
  • Breaking Capacity upto 150kA
  • Compliance to Marine Certifications


  • Most Compact version of ACB, microprocessor based
  • Single frame size from 800A- 1600A
  • Polution degree 4
  • Modbus RS485/ Ethernet TCP IP available
  • Breaking capacity upto 50kA
  • Fixed and Draw Out options available