Control Relay

Power Monitoring Relays

  • monitor and detect abnormal operating conditions about phase, current, voltage, liquid level, frequency, speed, temperature and pump control
  • Single and Multifunction mode available with adjustable time delay
  • Easy setting: QR code on the product to download instruction sheet

Timers Relays

  • Wide power supply range from 24 to 240 V
  • Single or multi timing ranges from 0.02s to 999 hrs
  • Relay or Solid-state output
  • Din rail, plug in and panel mount options available
  • Easy to implement: embedded QR code to the instruction sheet

Smart/ Programmable Relays

  • For Simple automation systems upto 40I/Os.
  • Comes with integrated display
  • Can be connected to GSM/ Modems
  • Supports FDB and Ladder

Electromechanical Relays

  • From 3A – 30A, with wide control voltage
  • Maximum of 4 Changeover contacts
  • Visual LED indicator
  • Including interface, miniature and power replay

Solid State Relays

Safety Relays

  • Needed for all potentially dangerous machines requiring protection for both the operator and the machine
  • Available for 
    • Lift
    • Coded Magnetic Switches
    • Light curtains
    • Emergency Stop