Motion Controllers


  • For coordinated, synchronised and interpolated motion control
  • Speed up machine design
  • Same software for PLC and motion controller.
  • Application Function Blocks to solve complex application requests.
  • Motion library for programming, commissioning and diagnostics.
  • Reduce size, cost, assembly time & maintenance
  • Use one product for motion & logic treatments
  • With multiple integrated features an communication ports, reduce your assembly time with field buses (CANopen, CANmotion or Sercos)
  • Easy diagnostics through transparency and remote access
  • The Modicon LMC058 includes as standard a CANopen master and a CANmotion master dedicated to control of up to 8 synchronized axes, with a performance of 2 ms for 4 axes.
  • The Modicon LMC078 includes a Sercos interface for real time motion control, one input for a master encoder and a lot of embedded communication interfaces: Ethernet, CANopen, Serial interfaces and optional modules for PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet/IP. 
  • Their high processing power enables the control of 8 synchronized axes in 1 ms and 16 synchronized axes in 2 ms on Sercos, the execution of a Boolean instruction in 2 ns and a minimum cycle time of 250 μs.


  • IIoT-ready logic & motion controller for performance machines
  • M262 controllers embed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) protocols and encryption to provide direct cloud connectivity & digital services.
  • The Modicon M262 offer range is constituted by 5 controllers:
  • 2 for Logic centric applications, with 5 or 3 ns/inst (TM262L…)
  • 3 for motion centric applications, for 4 (1ms), 8 (2 ms) or 16 (2 ms) synchronized axes (TM262M…)
  • 2 separated ethernet networks with EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP
  • Eth1 at 100 Mbit/s
  • Eth2 at 1 Gbit/s allowing daisy chain and RSTP
  • SSI or incremental encoder (configurable) up to 200 kHz
  • Sercos, real time motion bus in Eth1, allowing One-cable (EtherNet/IP over Sercos on same cable)
  • Locally with TM3 Optimized I/O system, with 7 local modules extendable in remote with 7 additional modules, can be standard or functional safety modules
  • Distributed with :
    • TM3 Optimized I/O system, over EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP, up to 14 modules by bus coupler
    • TM5 Performance I/O system, over EtherNet/IP allowing up to 64 modules
    • Improved safety integration with Safety Logic Controller (SLC) completed with TM5 Performance and safety I/O over Sercos



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