Motor Management Systems

Tesys U

  • Industry first Intelligent total Co-Ordinated starter with short circuit, overload protection upto 32A
  • Modular Contactor with separate power base, control unit and communication modules
  • Supports Modbus, CANopen, AS-Interface, Profibus DP, Ethernet, DeviceNet and many more communication protocols
  • Save commissioning time with webserver based programming and reduced wiring.
  • Save Space in the panel with only a 55mm width complete starter
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

Tesys T

  • Range from 0.4A – 100A
  • Controller based protection and control for advanced motor control centers
  • Basic protection and monitoring functions, advanced features with additional module, inbuilt data logging for statistics and alarms, fault management and history
  • Directly compatible to DCS/ SCADA thru multiple communication networks like Modbus, CANopen, Profibus DP, Ethernet, DeviceNet etc.

Tesys Island

  • Digital load management solution for motors
  • Available for electrical loads up to 80A (AC1) or 37kW at 66A (AC3).
  • Digital & Analog I/Os available onboard
  • No control and auxiliary wiring required, thanks to full connectivity over fieldbus
  • Available with most popular fieldbuses
  • Energy monitoring at every load as well as the system level