Programmable Logic Controllers


  • Modicon Easy M100 logic controller 
  • Cost-effective and easy solution to sequential control needs for your simple machines up to 40 I/O
  • Just enough I/Os (16,24,40)
  • AC power supply
  • Serial line port
  • Relay outputs
  • Inputs protected against overvoltage
  • IP20 protection level
  • High insulation / EMC level


  • Logic controllers – Up to 168 I/O, 2 axis motion control
  • Relay and transistor outputs
  • Flexible I/Os, 2 cartridges, and up to 4 expansions
  • Ethernet and serial line ports
  • Micro-SD card slot and USB port
  • PTO performance that fit your machine
  • Inputs protected against overvoltage
  • Transistor outputs protected against short circuit
  • DC power supply protected against reverse polarity
  • High insulation / EMC level
  • IP20 protection level


  • For performance-demanding applications
  • 5 ports: Ethernet, CANopen, 2 serial lines, USB port for programming
  • High processing CPU and cartridge extensions
  • Web and FTP server
  • Pulse train outputs / high-speed counters
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Connected everywhere via Ethernet, wireless access, web servers to simplify machine integration and maintenance
  • A slot for an industrial SD memory card (Secure Digital card) is available on every M241 controller
  • Intuitive machine programming with EcoStruxure Machine Expert, ready-to-use applications and function blocks


  • choice for modular and distributed architectures, that connect everything
  • Modicon M251 with CANopen or Modbus TCP let you easily connect to SCADA, MES, ERP by standard Ethernet cables and even via Wi-Fi. 
  • Expansion bus Modicon TM3
  • Up to 14 fast expansion modules
  • Boost the performance of your machine with powerful data transfer via SD Card, embedded Web- & FTP Server
  • Serial line and USB port
  • CANopen or Modbus TCP
  • Embedded Ethernet switch with 2 ports
  • Up to 3 communication modules
  • Intuitive machine programming with EcoStruxure Machine Expert, ready-to-use applications and function blocks


  • IIoT-ready logic & motion controller for performance machines
  • M262 controllers embed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) protocols and encryption to provide direct cloud connectivity & digital services.
  • The Modicon M262 offer range is constituted by 5 controllers:
  • 2 for Logic centric applications, with 5 or 3 ns/inst (TM262L…)
  • 3 for motion centric applications, for 4 (1ms), 8 (2 ms) or 16 (2 ms) synchronized axes (TM262M…)
  • 2 separated ethernet networks with EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP
  • Eth1 at 100 Mbit/s
  • Eth2 at 1 Gbit/s allowing daisy chain and RSTP
  • SSI or incremental encoder (configurable) up to 200 kHz
  • Sercos, real time motion bus in Eth1, allowing One-cable (EtherNet/IP over Sercos on same cable)
  • Locally with TM3 Optimized I/O system, with 7 local modules extendable in remote with 7 additional modules, can be standard or functional safety modules
  • Distributed with
    • TM3 Optimized I/O system, over EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP, up to 14 modules by bus coupler
    • TM5 Performance I/O system, over EtherNet/IP allowing up to 64 modules
    • Improved safety integration with Safety Logic Controller (SLC) completed with TM5 Performance and safety I/O over Sercos




  • Mid range PLC for industrial process and infrastructure
  • Features
  • Powerful
    o 4 MB program memory
    o 7 instructions/milliseconds
    o 128 MB file storage (recipes , tracking etc)
    o Unity based programming
  • Open & Modular
    o Scalable racks from 4 to 12 slots and 3 extension racks
    o Up to 3 Ethernet networks, 1 CAN Open, 4 ASI and 37 Modbus buses 
    o Standard USB programming port
    o Embedded Web server and File transfer by ftp.
  • Robust
    o SD memory card
    o Exceeds IEC/EN standards
    o 100% certified: international and marine standards
    o Rugged version (-25 degree Celsius/ 70 degree Celsius + Conformal coating)
  • Program Units are compliant with Program Organization Units (POUs) as defined in IEC1131-3 standard.
  • Software – EcoStruxure Control Expert software
  • EcoStruxure Control Expert is multitasking software offering the following features: b
  •  All-in-one software b Five IEC 61131-3 programming languages
  •  b LL 984 programming language
  •  b Device integration with FDT/DTM standard b
  •  Integrated, customizable DFB library b
  •  PLC simulator on PC for program validation prior to installation b
  •  Built-in tests and diagnostics b Wide range of online services b Cybersecurity


  • Modicon M580 High-end Controller
  • Modicon M580 ePAC is the controller which can help hybrid manufacturers achieve better, measurable*, earlier ROI and Up to 100% returns on their project investments in less than three months.
  • Native Ethernet capabilities
  • High performance
  • High availability for processors & networks
  • Common Safety SIL3 rating available (with M580 Safety PLC and Safety X80 I/Os including safety power supplies)
  • Enhanced cyber-security
  • More flexibility in design and greater agility for your operations
  • Smooth modernization solutions
  • Design and commission systems quickly with EcoStruxure Control Expert
  • Hardware and software modernization tools for fast, low-risk upgrades
  • High availability with redundant CPUs (not safety) and intelligent power supplies to achieve close to zero downtime for critical applications
  • Configure and change on-the-fly (CCOF)
    • Add new RIO drops or new modules in the architecture
    • Hot swap modules
    • Modify channel configuration parameters, applications or change variables




  • PLC for Concentrated Solar Power application (CSP)
  • Optimal high-end functionality in a compact box that fits for solar plant purpose
  • Robust and designed for a long life cycle, it operates at extreme temperatures (-25ºC to +70ºC).
  • Meets the solar plant environment requirements : robust to operate to extended temperature.
  • Increases operational production: the powerful processor provides the most accurate sun position algorithm calculation
  • Protects your plant operation with integrated cyber security function.
  • EcoStruxure Control Expert So-collaborative software eases and shortens programming and commissioning time.
  • Applications
  • Thermosolar – Tower Power
  • Thermosolar – Parabolic Trough
  • Thermosolar – Fresnel


  • Boost the performance of your controller with the Modicon TM3 I/O system specially designed for the Modicon M221, M241 and M251 logic controllers! I/O Expansion Modules for Modicon family controllers which include: 
    • Digital I/Os
    • Analog I/Os
    • Expert Modules
    • SIL certified Safety modules


  • Modicon TM5 IP20 modular I/O system
  • Up to 2400 distributed I/O Digital and/or Analog.
  • Distributed I/Os via the CANopen interface module, or remote expansion via the local TM5 expansion bus on Modicon M258 and Modicon LMC058 controllers (PLC & PAC)
  • Distributed I/Os via the Sercos interface module for 
  • Modicon TM5 SLC Safety PLC for Sercos based I/O communication available for complete safety solutions with fully integrated safe communication over Sercos bus (PacDrive 3 only)
  • Wide range of I/O expansion modules: digital I/O, analog, expert, non-functioning dummy, remote I/O modules, touch probes (Sercos)


  • IP67 Distributed I/O system, specially for harsh environments
  • M8 or M12 connectors
  • Certified FDT/DTM technology for all compatible automation software systems (on CANopen)
  • Robust design
  • IP degree: 67
  • Temperature range: -10 to +60°C (14 to 140°F)
  • EMC protection
  • Simplified maintenance & installation
  • Embedded diagnostics for local and distant supervision
  • Cabling simplicity: M8 or M12 connector

x80 I/Os

  • Common I/O platform for M340 & M580 range of PLCs
  • Based on the latest I/O technology
    • Innovative I/O
    • Robust
    • Compact
    • High quality
    • International certifications (including marine, ATEX, nuclear)
    • Hot swap
    • Wide selection of modules: digital I/Os, analog I/Os, expert, communication
    • Long term offer (new)
    • Modbus serial link in your X80 drops with QEIO
    • Sequence Of Event Time Stamped at source in a solution mode without program


  • Compatibility


    • All M340 existing modules are supported by X80 drop of QEIO (except AS-I, NOR, SSI)
    • One X80 drop can support two racks along 30m, just like the M340 PLC (up to 4 racks for M340)
    • Maximum number of supported X80 drops: 16 for 140CPU6x1xx and 31 for 140CPU6x2xx

Smart/ Programmable Relays

  • For Simple automation systems upto 40I/Os.
  • Comes with integrated display
  • Can be connected to GSM/ Modems
  • Supports FDB and Ladder