Surge Protection Devices

Acti9 iPF K


  • Modular surge arresters Type 2, from 20 kA – 65 kA
  • Multiple-pole or single-pole products for assembly
  • Signaling on device for indication of the end of life
  • Contacts for the remote transfer of end-of-life information.

Acti9 iPRF1, PRD1

  •  Type 1+2, compliant with IEC/EN 61643-11:2011
  • 12.5 kA for iPRF1 12.5r is suitable for buildings with protection levels III and IV
  • 25 kA for PRD1 25r and 35 kA for PRD1 Master are suitable for buildings with protection levels I and II


  • Telcon and IT networks surge protection devices
  • Devices can be quickly implemented on any DC or AC low current line 
  • Fully compatible with XDSL (including ADSL)
  • Analogue or digital series-mounted telephone line d1 protection


  • Type 2 Surge Protection Devices with integrated disconnector
  • Choice of fixed or withdrawable surge arresters
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc = 264 V, 350 V (iQuick-PRD)
  • Maximum discharge current from 8 kA to 65 kA